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LIG Leader Roles and Responsibilities
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What Are Responsibilities of President?

  • Presides over all LIG meetings and social activities
  • Casts tie breaking vote, when needed
  • Ensures development and communication of short and long‐range LIG objectives
  • Staffs LIG leadership team and appoints all committee chairs and members
  • Sets the agenda and runs the Monthly leadership team meetings 
  • Is accountable to the Chapter for LIG operations and finance
  • Overseas annual LIG nomination and election processes ensuring they are conducted in an organized and open manner
  • Solicits an individual to represent their LIG for the Annual Awards Program and additional volunteers to serve on the local and regional voting committees
  • Submits an activity report during the LIG’s annual business meeting at the end of the year
  • Oversees planning and execution of the annual plan 
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Chapter Board or Member Services Director

What Are Responsibilities of Vice-President?

  • Presides over leadership team meetings in the absence of the President 
  • Participates in monthly LIG leader meeting
  • Participates in the planning for as many LIG events as possible for the year and be in attendance to assist event planners 
  • Is prepared to assume the role of president if the current president leaves office 
  • Seeks out candidates for future elected positions, especially the position of president‐elect, communicate with members in the LIG area regarding election activities
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the President


What Are Responsibilities of Secretary?

  • Issues meeting agendas and record minutes of all LIG and Leadership Team meetings
  • Tallies LIG and Leadership Team meeting attendance records
  • Maintains official records of LIG activities, to include submission of post‐event follow‐up documentation and information to the Chapter within 5 business days
  • Advise the LIG leadership of the current budget for LIG activities on a regular basis;
  • Ensures that all financial commitments are for approved budgeted items only; to include the review and acknowledge the monthly accounting of income and expenses provided by the Chapter and the annual budget on a regular basis
  • Submits regular reports on forecasted LIG expenses to the Chapter 
  • Seeks out candidates for future elected positions, especially the position of Secretary
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the President