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Leader Development Offers
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Leadership Development Program


If you are an itSMF USA LIG or CoI leader, the Leader Development Program represents a great value and opportunity for you. Members of our vendor community are generously presenting you with an opportunity to participate in trainings that directly aid your professional development.  You should take advantage of this program as a benefit for your leadership volunteer role within itSMF USA.


If you are a vendor, The itSMF USA Chapter is developing a Leadership Training Program with the cooperation of our generous vendor community.  The itSMF USA Leadership Training Program will coordinate training opportunities to expand and enhance the leadership skills of the Chapter’s volunteer leaders, including officers of Local Interest Groups and leaders of Communities of Interest.  This will, in turn, improve the pool of skilled leaders within the Chapter.  The initial phases of this Leadership Training Program will be limited to the Chapter’s leaders.  Possible expansion of this program to other itSMF USA members is not in the scope of this iteration of the program, but will be evaluated in future iterations.


Benefits to Vendors


Access To:

  • Over 150 LIG and CoI Leaders across 30 state
  • Leaders from top companies including HP, Schwab, Coca-Cola, Emerson and Comcast
  • 28 LIG Locations in 17 states
  • 7 CoI Groups across the US

Website Recognition

  • Recognized as a contributor on the Leadership page of the itSMF USA website
  • Brand Inclusion in the monthly itSMF leaders presentation

Community Involvement

  • Direct influence on growing the skill set of the IT leaders of tomorrow

Instructions for itSMF USA LIG/CoI Leaders


Please click on "View Offers" button on the right and review the available offers from our vendor community.

Please note the offer type and restrictions listed.  Offers may contain other restrictions, such as limits based on geography, company size, etc. When you have found an offer that looks of value, please click on the title to view the detail page. If you would like to take advantage of the offer, please contact the offering vendor directly following the instructions provided. Please note that inclusion in the Leader Development Program does not represent an endorsement by itSMF USA. All services are provided directly by the offering vendor and all LIG/CoI leaders should apply appropriate due diligence in evaluating any offer.


Instructions for Vendors


If you would like to make a service or product available to our volunteer leadership, please complete an Offer Detail Submission Form to submit your offer.


Please note that while you may put certain restrictions on your offer as described below, your offer must be made available to all leaders that meet your criteria.


Your offer should also represent a real and significant value to our LIG/CoI leadership that is not generally available to the public. itSMF USA will review each submission to ensure that it meets these criteria before accepting it into the Program.


Also note that inclusion in the itSMF USA Leader Development Program is voluntary, does not qualify you to refer to yourself as a "sponsor" of itSMF USA in any way and does not represent an endorsement of your company, product or service by itSMF USA. Participation in the Program also subjects you to the itSMF USA Code of Ethics and itSMF USA reserves the right to remove any or all offers from the program, at its sole discretion, based upon violation of this Code of Ethics.


When submitting your offer, you may restrict it based on the following criteria:

  • Geography (only available in certain states or regions)
  • Time (offers may be set to expire)
  • Number of Participants (you may require a minimum number of participants to qualify for an offer)
  • Industry (you may limit offers based on the industry of the member's employer - applies to individual member offers only)
  • Member Type (you may limit the offer to only certain type of itSMF USA leaders, for LIG use only, for CoI use only or any combination of these)