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itSMF USA Whitepaper Competition!

Congratulations to the 2017 Whitepaper Competition Winners


1st place - “Achieving Transformation Change with Integrated ITAM” by Cathi Davey

Cathi is a Chief Solution Architect with Axios Systems and a member of the Nation’s Capital Local Interest Group.


2nd place - “Energized IT Service Management with a Culture for Collaboration before Transition” by Dawn Khan 

Dawn is a Change Manager at Palo Alto Networks as well as a leader with the San Francisco Bay Local Interest Group.


3rd place - “The Service Design Package for Purchased Healthcare IT Services” by Deanna Evans

Deanna currently works as the Program Manager, Change Management at WellSpan Health. She is a member of the Lehigh Valley Local Interest Group.


Click here to read the winning whitepapers.



itSMF USA is now accepting whitepapers for its 2017 whitepaper competition. The rest of this page details the prizes, timeline, and submission process and rules.



 1st Place:         $1,500.00

2nd Place         $1,000.00

3rd Place         $500.00


2017 Whitepaper Contest Timeline


                             Now - June 30, 2017:     Whitepaper Submission Period

                             July 1 - July 21, 2017:     Whitepaper Judging


                             July 22 – July 28, 2017:  Whitepapers Finalized for Publication

                             Aug 4, 2017:                   Winners Announced


The whitepaper must be authored and submitted by one more itSMF USA members (all authors must be paid members of itSMF USA for the entire contest period), shall be original work, and not previously published. Submissions will be evaluated against the same criteria by a panel of judges. The scoring form being used by the judges can be found here.


The topic shall be the author’s/authors’ choice of the myriad topics within the Service Management ecosystem of best practices including but not limited to frameworks and standards (ITIL®, COBIT, IT4IT, Lean IT, ISO-20000, ISO-27000, SIAM, etc.) the various lifecycles, adapting ITSM to cloud and other evolving technologies, digital transformation, Governance, Risk, and Compliance, DevOps, Agile, value of service management, enterprise service management, service management and organizational transformation, or any other Service Management topic.


The papers should be around 12 pages or fewer (3000 – 4000 words). They can contain images, charts and illustrations to reinforce the content. The paper shall be submitted in Word format using the 2017 template.



1.     Proofread the work submitted – use spell check – grammar check- exhibits must be clear and 

        referenced within the body of the case study- if not referenced - do not include.


2.     Formal writing is preferred- professional language that presents common sense and logical thinking.


3.     Be sure to cite all references and give proper attribution to all Intellectual property holders. For

        example, ITIL® should be referenced with the trademark as shown in this sentence. Then either as a

        footnote or endnote on the first use of the trademark it should be noted that “ITIL® is a registered

        trade mark of Axelos Limited.”


              4.    With the exception of the Executive Summary and About the Author section, the section headers

                     names may be revised to suit your whitepaper. Heading 2 and Heading 3 levels can also be used to

                     subdivide the main areas.


Submission Instructions


1.     All submission should include the whitepaper contest submission form .


2.     All authors must sign the itSMF USA Author Agreement and Release Form .


             3.     All contest submissions must be received at no later than June 30, 2017 –

                    11:59:59 pm Eastern. Early submissions are encouraged but will not be a factor in the scoring of the



              4.    Submissions are permitted to display company logos in the author information section of the 

                     document and also on the front page.


              5.    Vendors are encouraged to submit papers, but their submissions must not recommend their products,

                     consultancy or training offerings, or be critical of other vendors’ services.


              6.    By submitting the paper, the author gives itSMF USA the right to distribute and reuse the paper for a

                     period of three years. IP ownership will remain with the author.


              7.    All submitted entries will be available for download from the members’ only area of the itSMF USA



8.     Any questions should be directed to David Nottingham, Director - Content at