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Frequently Asked Questions
What is itSMF USA?

itSMF USA is a volunteer-led, vendor-neutral community dedicated to the promotion, adoption, and advancement of service management best practices and standards that help your organization run more effectively and efficiently to deliver bottom-line results. Learn more on our About Us page.


Who are its members?

Members include IT organizations, software, and services companies augmented by advisory and review boards of industry leaders, analysts, and customers. Collectively, itSMF USA represents those with a stake in IT service management.


What does it do?

The itSMF USA is involved in two areas: First, the organization provides a forum to address technical and business issues that will enhance the benefits of IT management applications and services. Second, it educates the market about IT service management and its value - in effect, marketing IT service management.


Is the itSMF USA "yet another standards body"?

No. Its aim is to support the practical implementation of existing international standards. Where appropriate, the Forum expects to recommend some strategies over others as ways in which various products can better provide interpretability for customers. The itSMF USA helps to apply standards, not create more.


Who pays for the itSMF USA?

It is paid for by those who stand to benefit most from its activities - the members, who first and foremost - want to improve the effectiveness of IT service management, and want information as well as an open forum in which to address the IT service management community as a whole.


What are the qualifications for joining?

The itSMF USA makes no judgments as to the qualification of its members.


How much does it cost?

Individual memberships are $189 per year. For detailed information on categories and fees, please go to the Membership page here.


What is the relationship of the itSMF USA to other standards bodies?

Complementary, cordial and cooperative. Many members of itSMF USA are involved with national, international, and industry-wide standards activity. The itSMF USA does not replace that activity, but embraces it and seeks to help achieve industry consensus in support of it.


Does the itSMF USA do conformance testing?

No, the itSMF USA does not currently perform conformance testing. It is clear, however, that itSMF USA members have a strong interest in the quality and execution of such testing. Accordingly, along with the standards groups that are establishing mechanisms for testing, the itSMF USA will support that activity in whatever ways are appropriate to its mission and objectives.


Is there an itSMF International web site?

Yes. The International itSMF has an internet presence which can be reached by accessing the following URL: