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Meet This Year's Board of Directors Candidates!
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We are pleased to announce our 2018 itSMF USA Board Candidate list!

The following members have been selected as candidates in the upcoming Board of Directors elections in November.


The critical decisions are now in your hands – you have to vote. In years past, only about 10 to 15% of all the USA members have voted in our Board elections. Why not, this year, make your voice heard? Take the time to learn about the candidates and vote. 


On November 30th, you will receive an email with your sign-on name and password to use with your individual voting link. You will have till 11:59 pm CST December 10th to cast your votes. You have the opportunity to select 3 of the 7 candidates for the next 3 year Board of Directors term.


This year make your vote count. If you have any questions about the process or the election system, please send me an email to elections@itsmfusa.


Meet the 2018 Candidates:


To learn more about each candidate, click on his or her 3-minute audio presentation or review the provided written answers.



  Douglas Smith 


Currently: Divisional Vice President- Service Management/Shared Services, HCSC


What would you contribute to itSMF USA? Bus Accum, Battle tested experience in strategy and planning, organizational change, transformation, and delivery


Tammy Whited


Currently:  Head of Service Management, Fermilab


What would you contribute to itSMF USA?  Strategic thinking, experience with moving things forward and helping to re-invigorate the community.  I have good people skills. 


Chase Gore


Currently: Gulf Stream Aerospace


What would you contribute to itSMF USA?  I would bring a can do attitude, with sound leadership, and positive, innovative ideas.



Peter Alan Smith




Currently: Technology/Human Resources Administrator, Smith Mountain Investments


What would you contribute to itSMF USA?  I bring years of technical, leadership and human resources knowledge, experience, education as well as strategic vision, participative leadership, tenacity and commitment to the cause.


John Clipp


Currently: Sr. Vice President, TechnoLava LLC 


What would you contribute to itSMF USA? 10+ years of experience in LIG and COI Leadership roles. Experience and guidance in the management of LIG's and COI's.

Gregori Alpernas

Gregori Alpernas from itSMF Management on Vimeo.


Currently: Oregon DMV IS Operations and Production Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation


What would you contribute to itSMF USA? Through my 35 years in IT Service Management, working in private and public sector in several different countries, I always tried to instill the very ideas and attitudes that itSMF is promoting: properly designed and organized IT Service Management that ensures quality and benefits organization, customers, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders. I have experience implementing ITIL aligned processes, ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO 9000 standards, developing and implementing comprehensive training and awareness programs. My track record includes volunteering as board member, conference organizing committee and advisory board member, speaker, trainer, workshop presenter of different organizations, conferences and conventions. I want to use all of this experience to the benefit of all itSMF USA members and to contribute to further advancement of itSMF and its ideals.



Peter Beasley





Currently:  CEO, CTO and Founder of Netwatch Solutions


What would you contribute to itSMF USA?  I am a change agent and willingly contribute to make lasting improvements in organizations which seek to get to a next level. I am passionate and am a hard worker. Owning my own company, I have the flexibility to provide the time necessary in support of the non-profit organizations that I serve. I am a contrarian thinker and look for and see innovative possibilities to solve problems. I am a team player, and strive to build relationships to make organizational improvements. Being an African-American who has pioneered many barriers, I help advance solutions, many which are obvious, which need a champion. I want to help itSMF USA be a better organization in support of IT Service Management professionals.