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2019 Board Of Directors Call for Nominations
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Nominate yourself or another worthy member!


The itSMF USA is calling for nominations to serve on its Board of Directors. Individuals are being nominated for the Board of Directors in general, not for a specific board position. The Board of Directors is a working board and time commitment is estimated to be approximately 20-30 hours per month on average. Directors are expected to attend 2-3 in-person meetings, participate in 20-25 conference calls each year, attend at least 2 LIG meetings, and attend the iitSMF USA annual convention, Fusion. This may require up to 15 days of travel.


There is no compensation for service on the Board of Directors; however, travel and  itSMF USA business-related expenses are subject to reimbursement.


For 2019, there will be several openings.


IMPORTANT: Please be aware that itSMF USA policy is that not more than two (2) of the Board of Directors may be partners, employees, officers or directors of the same organization, corporation, or affiliates thereof. Further, no more than two (2) of the Board of Directors may represent the same Local Interest Group, or reside within the same geographic area, (defined to be State or within a 150-mile radius) of an established LIG.


All nominations must be received on or before Friday, October 5, 2018 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time, to be considered in the nomination process.

Any voting member of the  itSMF USA in good standing may be placed in nomination for the Board of Directors. The Governance Chair will review all nominations and certify their membership status. The Nomination Committee is made up of the President Elect and a minimum of 2 other members of the Board of Directors. The Nominations Committee will review all nominations and make recommendations to the membership. The criteria they will use were developed for the purpose of interviewing each candidate. The Nominations Committee will make every effort to see that their choices for recommendation are guided by geographic diversity and balance.


Criteria for Candidate Evaluation

Each Candidate must be willing to spend at a minimum:

  • 20-30 hours on  itSMF USA business per month
  • Up to 15 days per year traveling on i itSMF USA business (including annual conference)
  • Responding to itSMF communications within 3 days
  • Must be willing to manage a Board Portfolio and Chair a Board Committee, if elected.


Qualities and skills required include:

  • Business
  • Business sense/acumen
  • Marketing savvy
  • Practitioner background
  • Sense of vision/direction/big picture
  • Confidence in and works to build a team
  • Builds relationships
  • Financial and/or accounting background (1 position only)
  • Personal traits
  • Collaborative
  • Poised
  • Action oriented
  • Has a sense of urgency
  • Innovative
  • Focused
  • Goodwill/trust
  • Cooperative and open
  • Not controlling
  • Respectful
  • Selfless (no hidden agendas)
  • Understands how to prioritize
  • itSMF involvement and awareness
  • Passion for itSMF
  • Committed to the ITSM community
  • Adherence to and support of the  itSMF USA Code of Ethics and the Board of Directors Code of Conduct
  • General
  • Experience with IG Leadership, Business Management, Finance, or Educational Institutions would be greatly desired.
  • Qualifications:
  • Must be committed to the objectives and purposes of itSMF USA as listed on the itSMF website (
  • Must be an active  itSMF USA Voting member in good standing, and membership dues paid in full
  • Must understand and accept responsibilities of the position
  • Previous experience in an  itSMF USA leadership position is a plus 


In addition to these qualifications, board members will be required to sign two documents (copies of which are available upon request):

  • A mutual confidential information non-disclosure agreement.
  • Conflict of Interest disclosures and a Code of Conduct for  itSMF USABoard Members.


In submitting an individual for nomination please give thought to the following:

  • Does the individual meet the qualification criteria?
  • Has the individual demonstrated leadership and professionalism in IT Service Management?
  • What level of experience in the IT Service Management industry does the individual have?
  • Is the individual recognized as a thought leader in IT Service Management?
  • Does the individual have a track record of collaboration and openness in working with different types of companies and organizations?
  • Does the individual have good interpersonal and communication skills?