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About Us




Our Vision



We are an organization committed to building an engaging and inspiring community that shares knowledge and expertise with the aim of unifying the Service Management industry


Our Mission


Our mission is to engage all Service Management professionals in expanding and promoting a unified community.


Within this community we will enable sharing valuable experiences, so every one of us may be inspired and become knowledgeable. Doing so will allow all our professionals to reach their highest potential.


Our Goals

We have identified a few primary goals we want to achieve as a chapter.


  • We strive to be an invigorating Service Management community serving all of our professionals.  We are not tied to any for-profit Service Management organization to remain being an unbiased and trusted organization.   

  • We want our community members to be advocates and ambassadors from the broader Service Management industry to the halls of academia. We will work to facilitate connections and conversations throughout our community about both the now, and the future of our profession. We will strive to maintain a collaborative nature that focuses on applying the industry principles, frameworks, and methodologies to solve business problems.

  • Last but not least, we also want to provide adequate career development opportunities with the help of our community.


Core Values


In addition to our goals, we adhere to a set of core values.

  • We promote a welcoming and inviting environment for our members.
  • Our solutions and approaches need to be innovative in an ever-changing industry that demands the latest and greatest.
  • We encourage different and contrary thinking and require the utmost respect towards each other at all times.
  • As a first-in-class organization it is critical we always remain professional, as we use our skills and experiences to help one another to achieve our best.
  • We encourage the diversity within both the specialties and membership of our community, and we will always demand an uncompromising standard of integrity and ethical conduct.


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