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itSMF LA eNewsletter - Q1 2014
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     Quarterly News


2014 - Q1 Edition ...................................................... Editor: Paul M. Dooley

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Plan Your Schedule! Upcoming Events and Meetings for 2014!

The following are the meetings planned for the first quarter of 2014. Be sure to put the meeting nearest you on your schedule, and plan to be there to grow personally and professionally! Watch for the flyer, and go to our web site to register for the meeting: itSMF - Los Angeles LIG

· Thursday, Feb 27th

· 6:00 - 9:00 pm

· UnitedHealth Group, 2300 Main Street, Irvine, CA 92614

Join us for our first 2014 itSMF USA Orange County (OC) area meeting on Thursday, February 27th at UnitedHealth Group in Irvine. We have a dynamic speaker and a thought provoking topic lined up with a presentation entitled "Problem Management – Interactive Exploration of Common Challenges and Critical Success Factors.

Speaking will be Katherine Lord, a DPSM, Prosci certified change manager, seasoned ITSM consultant and practitioner with considerable expertise in IT strategy, service management, knowledge management, and change management. She has a proven track record of humanizing service management and bringing relevant, adaptive approaches to her consultative pursuits. Katherine is an accredited instructor for various ITIL and HDI courses and holds many industry certifications. She has been a consultant for the past twelve years; before that, Katherine spent ten years managing service desks, IT operations, and field services.

>> To Register:
>> For More Info:


· Tuesday, March 11th

· 6:00 - 9:00 pm

· Dole Food Company Auditorium, One Dole Drive, Westlake Village, California 91362

Explore the opportunity to significantly improve how business and IT work together for more effective IT services. Join us in learning a practical approach to talking and relating to your business.

This will be a highly interactive session designed to:

  • Provide you with pertinent information you can use immediately to improve how your IT organization works with business partners
  • Gather data that can be used to test the hypothesis: ITIL + BiSL = improved business and IT relationship

Speaking will be Deborah Anthony. Deborah is a 30 year Service Management veteran. She began her career on the business side and found herself leading technology organizations in the public sector through the last IT Paradigm shift. She current serves as: the Director of Programs for ITSMF USA, the BiSL Ambassador in the US, and Strategy Lead for Service Transformation at HP

>> For More Info, Contact: Carolyn Trocino, 818 874-4917 or


Coming Soon! Save the Dates for...

· Thursday, May 15th

· 6:00 - 9:00 pm

· Upcoming Los Angeles Area Meeting!

· Tentatively to be held at DirectTV, El Segundo, CA.

Our upcoming LA Area meeting will feature "Using your CSI Register as the VIP Ticket to the C-Suite”, with speaker Robin Borough. Robin will discuss how the "CSI Register", an integral tool for Continual Service Improvement, can help you engage the executive suite more effectively. Check our web site for all the upcoming details, or visit our Facebook page at, or on LinkedIn at our Groups page itSMF LA LIG.   The sponsor for this meeting is BMC Software.


· Thursday, April 17th

· 6:00 - 9:00 pm

· Upcoming San Gabriel Valley Area Meeting!

· Location: TBD

Mark your schedule for this upcoming San Gabriel Valley Area meeting. Check our web site for upcoming details, or visit our Facebook page at, or on LinkedIn at our Groups page itSMF LA LIG.


Why Join itSMF LA?

· Best LIG in the United States; nominate for LIG of the year 2013; favorite to win LIG of the year in 2014

· Amazing, talented LIG members, including the National itSMF president elect(Charlie), ITIL Authors (Randy, Dave), multiple CIOs and IT directors (Joel, Robin, Jim), seasoned ITSM educators (Paul, Donna, Carolyn, Roc), industry-leading ITSM consultants (Ray, John, Barbara, Shelly)

· Great support from vendors and companies in the area, including HP, ServiceNow, County of Orange, Omnikron, United Healthcare, Optimal Connections and many others

· GREAT meeting venues, including the Queen Mary, Magic Castle, Disney Club 33

· Other LIGs have to beg to get presenters; in the Los Angeles LIG people compete and fight to be presenters. Result: the highest quality presentations of any LIG in the US.

· Coming soon: Access to one of the largest ITSM knowledge portals. The portal provides access to real world working documentation, templates, tools and examples for any ITSM project."You become like those you hang around, so
hang around with the BEST: Los Angeles LIG itSMF”


Recap of Recent Meetings

Jan 9 San Gabriel Valley - "Best Practice for Setting Up a Configuration Management System (CMS)”.

Roc Paez, our incoming President, gave an enlightening presentation on the topic of a Configuration Management System (CMS). The audience learned that the CMS is an essential requirement for success as a service provider, and that it maintains key data about services and stores important relationship information about service components needed to successfully manage services.

Without a CMS, other ITSM processes will lack needed data and information about IT services and will be much less effective. Approximately 20 members and interested parties attended.  The sponsor for this event was Hewlett-Packard.


Jan 30 San Gabriel Valley "Getting in Gear with the Service Catalog”

Our January 30th meeting was at the Union Bank Business Offices in Monterey Park. Mark Galligan, our speaker, gave a fantastic presentation on planning and deploying a successful Service Catalog. Approximately 30 guests attended.

Check out our web site for a download of the presentation.

The sponsor for the meeting was ServiceNOW, along with Jesse Law.


Meet Our Marathon Man - Roc Paez!

Did you know that Roc Paez, our new President, is a marathon runner? Yes, indeed.

We all know we need to get out there and exercise a lot more, right?  Well let's take a tip from Roc!

Roc started running marathons in 2011 and is trying to run a marathon in every state in the U.S. He has completed 10 states so far, and is scheduled to run in his 11th state on March 2 (Little Rock, AR) and 12th state on May 11 (Wilmington, Delaware).

Roc hopes to qualify for the Boston marathon some day, but needs to run a 3:30 to do so. Last year Roc ran a 3:31 and missed qualifying by just 1 minute!

Go Roc!


Fusion 14 - October 19-22 - Registration is Now Open!

Fusion 14, slated to run from October 19-22, 2014, is looking for speakers, and is now open for registration. Mark your calendars for 10/14-22, and plan to be there. And why not share your expertise and enthusiasm for service management with the more than 1,600 business leaders and service management professionals expected to attend the FUSION 14 Conference & Expo. This event is a great way to share your knowledge and an unparalleled opportunity to network with your peers.

itSMF USA will be accepting speaker proposals until March 14, 2014.


Axelos Updates!

Nov 28, 2013 - AXELOS and itSMF to work together on the development of Global Best Practice in IT Service Management.

AXELOS and itSMF International have reached an agreement which will lead to the two organizations working closely together in the development and improvement of Service Management products, services and practices. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) announcement sets out a framework of how AXELOS and the itSMF will cooperate in multiple countries worldwide.

A new ITIL Maturity Model, along with an ITIL Maturity Model Assessment Guide, is available for download.

Other FREE downloads include:

· ITIL® For Managed Service Providers (PDF - 906 Kb)

· Integrating Six Sigma and ITIL® for Continual Service Improvement (PDF - 500Kb)

· Agile and the Best Management Practice framework within the public sector (PDF - 1.91Mb)

· Executive briefing: the benefits of ITIL® (PDF - 838Kb)

To access the all of the downloads, go to


Congratulate Our New Board Members for 2014

· President - Roc Paez, HP -

· Area VP Orange County - James "Jim" D. Thomas, UHG -

· Area VP Los Angeles - John Ambris -

· Area VP San Fernando Valley - Alec Everts -

· Area VP San Gabriel Valley - Ray Ybarra, -

· Area VP Conejo Valley/West San Fernando Valley - Carolyn Trocino -

· VP Vendor Relations - Jim Flores, MiTECH -

· Secretary - Shelly Wright -

· Member-at-Large - Dave Howard, MiTECH -

· Membership Chair - Paul Dooley -

· Past President - Donna Holt -


Consider prISM to Give Your Career a BOOST!

Ever thought about moving your career forward by leveraging the benefits of an industry recognized credential program? Why not check into prISM? prISM is owned by itSMF, and promotes professional recognition of Service Management professionals based on their experience, educational achievements and professional activities. For more information, visit:


Featured Article: The Keys to an IT Best Practice Reporting Framework

Most business and organizations rely heavily on IT services. They naturally want assurance that IT is meeting their needs and expected service levels. Without a best-practice Reporting Framework that conveys this value, customers won’t appreciate the value of IT services being delivered. Your reporting framework ensures regular delivery of quality, value-based reporting to customers and other stakeholders during regular "service review” meetings – so that IT can express the value to customers effectively, and also note any areas that are off target and being attended to.

To get the complete White Paper, go to:


Visit the itSMF LA LIG Web Site for more information on events, upcoming meetings, and free downloads! Point your browser to itSMF - Los Angeles LIG


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