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BiSL in a Box
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Strategies for Supporting IT Service Management Through a New, Engaging Perspective

Introducing Business Information Service Library in collaboration with ITIL

How is your Business to IT Relationship? Could it be better? Can a collaboration between two Frameworks offer potential answers?

Business Information Services Library (BiSL)





itSMF USA is presenting "BiSL in a Box: Strategies for Supporting IT Service Management Through a New and Engaging Perspective." Exploring the opportunity to significantly improve how Business and IT work together for more effective IT services.

Join us in learning a practical approach to addressing the breakdown in communications between the Business and IT by bringing another framework to ITIL/ITSM perspective

Program is:

  1. 120 minutes in Length (may be split around a meal in 60 minute segments)
  2. Eligible for 2 priSM CPDs
  3. Highly Interactive – purpose is two fold:
  • Provide the participants with pertinent information that can be used immediately
  • Gather data that can be used to test the "hypothesis: ITIL + BiSL = improved business & IT relationship

Trained Presenters:

  • Deborah L.
    Anthony, itSMF USA Programs
  • Shari Brunette, itSMF USA Governance
  • Jenny Geisler, itSMF USA Treasurer
  • Doug Tedder, itSMF USA President

We're looking for LIG Program Chairs who are interested in inviting the Board of Directors to present the "BiSL in a Box Program". (At no charge to the IG Budget!) Contact Deborah L Anthony, itSMF USA Program Portfolio Chair at



About BiSL®

Business processes and IT
Within the complexity of today's market, businesses simply cannot do without properly functioning information technology (IT). As such, IT is one of the most important aids for the implementation of any business strategy. The most critical points are found in the alignment of IT with business processes. It is precisely this alignment that is often far from optimum. Business information administrators and information managers bear final responsibility for this alignment.

The purpose of BiSL®
BiSL establishes a bridge between IT and business processes, and between business information administrators and information managers. The BiSL process model provides an insight into all of the primary processes within their field of operations and into the relationship between the various processes. It offers a starting point for the improvement of these processes using best practices, amongst other things, and it provides uniform terminology.

Download the BiSL Introduction presentation.

Visit the ASL BiSL Foundation website.