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itSMF LIG/CoI Leader Affiliate Agreement
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Please read and sign this LIG/CoI leader form.

This Agreement formally welcomes and acknowledges the Enter LIG or SIG Name as an affiliate of itSMF USA. The Term of this Agreement shall commence on the effective date of 1 January, 2015 and shall continue until amended, or revoked by itSMF USA, or surrendered by the Local or Special Interest Group, under the terms of this Agreement.
As an officially recognized and approved affiliate of the USA Chapter of itSMF International, the LIG or CoI may use the trademark “itSMF USA”, which is protected internationally, to identify the LIG / CoI as an affiliate of the USA Chapter of itSMF International. In return, the LIG or SIG agrees to adhere to obligations and rules as described below.

Obligations – the LIG or CoI agrees to:

1) Abide by the core principles of itSMF USA when promoting and supporting the Service Management community, upholding its reputation as a leading authority on Service Management and maintaining itSMF USA’s independence, neutrality and not-for-profit status;

2) Maintain the high professional image and standards of itSMF USA and the global itSMF International community;

3) Comply with the existing Policies and Procedures of itSMF USA, as well as those added and amended in the future, following approval and acceptance by the Board of Directors of itSMF USA;

4) In cooperation with itSMF USA, respect and protect all trademarks and intellectual property rights (IPR) owned by itSMF USA and / or itSMF International;

5) Recognize that itSMF USA and/or itSMF International shall be the steward(s) of all itSMF USA-related trademarks and logos as well as itSMF USA IPR for their protection worldwide and on behalf of any affiliate LIG / CoI of itSMF USA;

6) Never participate in activities which could assign the itSMF/itSMF USA trademark or other IPR to any third party, without the expressed written consent of itSMF USA;

7) Maintain an active leadership team consisting of – at minimum: a President, President-Elect and Secretary. Further information regarding these positions can be found in the official itSMF USA LIG and CoI Operations Guide;

8) Provide itSMF USA with a LIG or CoI budget; a signed copy of this agreement; an annual report that includes a summary of the LIG / CoI’s main activities, achievements, contributions, attendance statistics and plans; and leadership team member names and contact details, along with timely updates to the itSMF USA Board of Directors when changes occur;

9) Notify the itSMF USA Member Services Director and/or Manager of any inappropriate behavior by other LIG / CoIs / SLIGs that may be in violation of the itSMF USA Policies and Procedures or otherwise detrimental to the itSMF USA community;

10) Maintain the confidentiality of all confidential and proprietary documentation and information so marked and notify the itSMF USA Community Neighborhoods Director and/or Manager of any actual or perceived breaches of confidentiality;

11) Never imply the authority to represent itSMF USA or otherwise speak for itSMF USA, any fellow LIG or CoI within itSMF USA, or itSMF International to any third parties or enter into any agreements, contracts or other obligations in the name of or on behalf of itSMF USA or the affiliated LIG / CoI. itSMF USA will strive to ensure that contracts, obligations, or agreements have little or no negative impact on the Chapter or its LIG / SLIGs / CoIs;

12) Refrain from participating or serving in any organization in direct competition with this professional association to prevent the accidental or purposeful sharing of information that is confidential and proprietary data as disclosure of such information may be damaging to the disclosing party. The term “Information” denotes any and all technical and business information disclosed in any manner or form including, but not limited to business strategies, trade secrets, intellectual property, pricing, software programs, relationships with third parties, client lists, information regarding clients and vendors, employees, and affiliates. The duties and obligations to protect Information shall survive termination of this agreement.;

13) Inform the Ethics Review Board of the itSMF USA Chapter immediately of any actual, perceived or anticipated difficulties in meeting these obligations.

Violation of any of the obligat