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Meet the Candidates ... Dhiraj Gupta
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Meet Dhiraj Gupta ... one of six candidates running in 2014 for a seat on our Board of Directors.

Why do you want to be a board member?

I believe in the bright future for the ITSM industry and recognize the indispensable role of itSMF USA in shaping this future through a strong community of ITSM Professionals.

Being an active member of the ITSM industry, I would like to play my part in shaping the future of this profession by taking a leadership role with itSMF USA, the only member owned and operated international ITSM professional organization, and contributing my ideas to the maturation of ITSM industry and profession. I would also like to leverage my management skills and extensive volunteer experience with many portfolios within itSMF USA to deliver value to the community of ITSM Professionals through innovative programs that allow it to CONNECT, LEARN, GROW.

On the selfish side, I would like the opportunity to work with other selfless, dedicated leaders in the industry to further develop my leadership skills. Most of the work of itSMF USA is accomplished through virtual teams, which I believe is the wave of the future. Serving on the itSMF USA board would further afford me the opportunity to develop my virtual teaming skills.

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