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ITSM USA Case Study Competition
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We are excited to announce the first itSMF USA Case Study Challenge!



 1st Place:         $1,500.00

2nd Place         $1,000.00

3rd Place         $500.00


Case Study Challenge Timeline

September 1 through October 14, 2016: Case study Creation

October 15 through October 21, 2016: Case Study Judging

November 1 through November 4, 2016: Winners Announced at FUSION 2016


Scope:  The creation of a Case Study that provides a specific focus on business critical problems/issues, appropriate mitigating resolutions,  implementation with significant relevance to Service Management professionals, and the business/industries they support.  Topics for the Case Studies are provided.

Who Can Participate:

  1. Individual itSMF Members (both USA and International)
  2. Local Interest Groups (LIG) (may submit as a team)
  3. ITSM and related industry Vendors with real Company or companies willing to be named to validate the issue resolve. Note: some data/information can be anonymous for confidentiality. 

Case Study Topics

Adapting ITSM to Cloud & Other Evolving Technologies:

Explore issues and problem ITSM companies face in adapting to new technologies or any major technology shift (e.g., Cloud, BYOD)

Governance, Risk and Compliance:

Explore the issues and problems related to determining corporate governance and compliance requirements required for ITSM, Security, or other function to minimize impact on service operations and business bottom line.

 ITSM and Agile Development:

Explore issues and problems related to IT service performance and the integration of ITSM, Agile and Dev Ops methodologies

 ITSM Value:

Explore the issues and problems related to how leading organizations quantify the value of their investment in ITSM practices

 Service Management Organizational Transformation:

Explore the issues and problem related to improving business service management maturity level.


Structure of the Case Study

1.    Title Page: “Case Study: How XYZ Improved ABC by X%”; Companies Involved, Date

2.    Table of Contents

3.    Executive Summary/Introduction: Provides information for the reader to understand the problem/issue, what is driving the problem/issue, the solution provided and why it works

4.    Define the Issue or Problem – symptoms vs. the problem itself

5.    Data Analysis – Reason behind the problem/issue- people, process, technology, governance

6.    Key Decision Criteria- Brief- bullet form; measurable; connected to problem/issue

7.    Alternative analysis- practical and implementable

8.    Recommendations- justifications that resolve the issue/problem

9.    Actions and Implementation Plan

10.  Results brief summary of benefits derived by implementing; ROI; customer quotes

11.  Exhibits- charts, tables, figures, statistics


Basic Instructions

1.   Proofread the work submitted – use spell check – grammar check- exhibits must be clear and referenced within the body of the case study- if not referenced - do not include.

2.   Formal writing is preferred- professional language that presents common sense and logical thinking.

3.   If English is not your first language – have colleagues proof read

4.   Author or person representing a group of authors must sign author Agreement and Release Form

5.   All contest submissions must be received at by October 14, 2016 – 12:00am EST.

6.   Any questions should be directed to Gail Talbott, Director -Content at