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Board of Directors Candidates
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We are pleased to announce our 2017 itSMF USA 

Candidates for Board of Directors

(listed in no particular order)


 Candidates Why I want to be a board member...



  David Traynor


I have been a volunteer as a track chair or on the content advisory committee every year since 2009 for FUSION, and I have been on the Atlanta LIG Board for the last 3 years. I’m passionate about IT Service Management and want to enable our membership to gain value from their itSMF participation to help their organizations get better every day. Our target audience is very busy in their day to day work, and we need to be able to get their attention with content that helps them succeed. I’m a practitioner and clearly remember the early days as we were exploring ITIL and determining how to move forward. As we advance in our careers and tackle more complex issues it is easy to lose the perspective of the members and prospective members that are beginning their journey.


 Adriaan Van de Rijken  


I want to use my 20+ years of experience in ITSM and the various roles that I have been in, to make sure that the itSMF USA will increasingly become a forum by community members for the community members. I want to ensure, together with the other board members and our group of volunteers, that our members get the most value out of the itSMF USA from a connect, learn and grow perspective. I stand behind the vision of itSMF USA that is looking to become the independent unifier; to be an advocate and ambassador of ITSM; making sure that, together with the community, we will define and set out our industry’s future; that ITSM will stay relevant to solve business problems; and that we can be the source of advice for professional career development. Lastly, I want to give back to a community that has been so generous to my whole career.

Gary Case


I have a real passion to help others and I want to give back to the industry that has been so good to me for over 20 years.  My knowledge of the industry and seeing the changes in the industry provides a unique opportunity for the itSMF US Chapter.  I believe that I can help the US Chapter take advantage of these new opportunities to expand its services and value proposition to its member community and support new growth. 


I have experience serving on non-profit boards back in the 1980’s and I always found that serving on the different boards gave me a sense of satisfaction but that I also contributed sound leadership, guidance and advice to boards I sat on. 



Jay Stuart


As a membership-­‐driven organization, we have an obligation to support our members as well as be a voice for the industry. I believe that the board is charged with helping our members to contribute to the industry and provide enrichment and learning opportunities so that we may continue to expand our personal knowledge. Our industry is experiencing massive disruption and I would relish the opportunity to be re-­‐elected to the board to help shape our organization and the industry for the next few years.

 Feel free to contact each of them directly to get to know your candidates!


 If you have any questions about the process or the election system, please send an email to