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Incident Management
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Incident and Major Incident Management Communications Best Practices 0 D. Simmons (Khan) What are your teams doing to insure quality, timely and valueable communications with consistency during Incident and Major Incident Management?    How do you mistake proof communication quality when the hours are long, the impacts are large, and agents are weary?     I am creating ITSM Known Errors to understand all the presentations of failed communications, so we can train the most frequently challenging aspects of making sure that Planned and Unplanned outages always included getting the right message and tone for the audience(s):  1. IT Management (and sometimes Business Awareness)    UNPLANNED:   Incident name: <Incident issue key> - <Severity> - <Incident summary>  <impacted users, groups ,locations> Affecting: <product x>, <product y> and <product z>.Technical Bridge standing up now.   Assessing need for Business Bridge.    2. Employee Notification    Outage Board: UNPLANNED:   Incident name: <Incident issue key> - <Severity> - <Incident summary>  Message: We are investigating an incident affecting <product x>, <product y> and <product z>. We will provide updates via email and Statuspage shortly.   PLANNED:   Scheduled maintenance: We will be performing scheduled maintenance on <service name> on <Date, start time-end time.”> During this time, users can expect <expected impact.>   Email Notification Template: Customers are experiencing [problem] and [result of problem]      Some customers are seeing [problem].  We are aware of the issue and are working on resolution.      [List of applicable workarounds and/or warnings]      We realize getting your service back is important.  We are working hard to recover this and will update you      in [timeframe] with the latest information.   3. Customer facing Communications   Sample Planned Outage/Maintenance Windows SalesForce   Sample Unplanned Outage Down Detectors Twitter    Sample Outage Tweets:  
by D. Simmons (Khan)
Tuesday, March 3, 2020