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Continual Improvement
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Holistic cure for Service Mgt Continual Improvement 0 D. Simmons (Khan) What is YOUR Service Management Continual Improvement Strategy?   What does success look like?  How do you know that you are delivering it?     Here is a cool article I liked on holistic customer service management strategy.  Love to hear how others approach it! 
by D. Simmons (Khan)
Sunday, August 25, 2019
Refocus from pure IT Cost to true Business Value 1 M. Ruusinen True business value requires a different success measure. The levers to business value are : 1 Right cost, 2. Right and Available resource capabilities. 3. Timely Execution. Continuous Improvement is supported therefore, by solid metrics on KPIs with analytics on what is causing an organization to deliver better. Can we Monitor and detect and avert dissatisfaction? Can we Train the leaders, to develop capabilities to better handle this dissatisfaction more effectively? Can we recognize those that develop ways to solve or automate efficiency?Continuous improvement needs to be viewed more as an enabler to a business than it is , for most practices., to mature in it's ability to deliver TRUE business value. Imagine the power of celebrating Continuous Improvement as a Practice! Where data driven continuous improvement programs, where we incentivized innovation in building organizational capabilities for solving a problem, and systemic solutions to automating that which can.
by D. Simmons (Khan)
Sunday, August 4, 2019