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Is There Anybody Out There?
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1/30/2014 at 8:52:20 PM GMT
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Is There Anybody Out There?

I just tried sending an email to the address suggested on this site ( and apparently it's not a valid address. Is this still an active LIG??

Contents of the email below...


I moved to Framingham last summer, a few months before the birth of my
twins. Newborn twins kept me a bit busy since then, but I finally got
around to changing my LIG membership on the itSMF website.
I checked out the NE LIG page on the site... It looked pretty sparse, and I
didn't see any LIG meetings coming up.
I know the itSMF LIG pages can be misleading, so I decided to reach out to
you directly.

My name is Craig Wilkey, and I'm interested in getting involved in the LIG
Do you have a different website that has the LIG meeting schedule, and
showcases what projects are currently underway or under consideration?

Craig Wilkey

1/31/2014 at 3:21:05 PM GMT
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Hi Craig, Thanks for reaching out! Thanks for letting us know about the email issue, we recently switched email systems and haven't chased all the old addresses out. The correct email address for the LIG is We're a little behind on posting our schedule for the year, but should have it up within a week. Jason Stonehouse