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How others are applying COBIT 2019 & NIST guiding frameworks?
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9/21/2019 at 9:20:57 PM GMT
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How others are applying COBIT 2019 & NIST guiding frameworks?

How to view SecOps governance & NIST guiding frameworks?   


InfoSec Magazine compared form of COBIT2019 and NIST framework where COBIT 2019 covers the overarching program & NIST supports the operational structure , communicating , and managing security plans and events.   



COBIT 2019:   What is it? 


NIST version 1.1:  What is it?


We are interested in how others are applying the frameworks in day to day SecOps & CyberFraud/CyberSecurity Event and Risk Management.  


Learning more about COBIT and NIST: 


COBIT 2019 Webinar - Use Cases: Tailoring Governance of Your Enterprise By Mark Thomas a CGEIT, CRISC, Certified COBIT Assessor for Escoute Consulting.   


How to Interpret Governance with COBIT 2019



LinkedIn Center of Excellence for CyberSecurity, SECOPS, and CyberFraud Management:  Enterprise Global Cyber Fraud Prevention- Methods: Detection & Mitigation, & IS Best Practices  


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