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33 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7 - 10 Steps To Build Your ITSM Operating Model For Digital Transformation Excellence! - Randy Steinberg

Posted By Tammy L. Whited, Monday, November 4, 2019

Purpose of an operating model – it’s a way to show people how you work and operate.  It can differ by company.  It should be focused around the value and aligned with business strategy.  Fit this in between business strategy and IT projects/operations.


Model canvas is an awesome tool to use to visualize the parts needed to create value.  Randy shares a 10-step process with details on how to develop and implement an operating model that works for you.  It really makes sense to me.  We took a services approach to IT about 10 years ago, it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that we were able to get all our services documented.  This tool will help us to review the services we have and help us to consider changes we may need to evolve to meet the organizations digital transformation needs.  Its also something I will be looking to incorporate into our projects as we roll out new or changed services.  Randy makes this so simple and it really can be that easy especially if you have support from the business, IT management, and the IT staff.  When the focus is on the value delivered to the customer, it does change the perspective of these areas towards organizing and implementing.


I really like his statement

“There is no IT value to the business until the point a service is delivered…”

Therefore IT Service Management becomes the “glue” needed to hold everything together." I have been accused of Service Management trying take over, but that is not it, Service Management is necessary to bring together all the components and recognizes that it takes all the parts to create the whole and deliver the service and value.

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33 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6 - ITAM - The Forgotten Starting Point - Jeremy Boerger

Posted By Tammy L. Whited, Monday, October 28, 2019

Starting with the end in mind, Jeremy’s conclusion is right on point, he says “By its nature, ITAM provides the best normalized, curated, and verifiable base data to generate reliable Configuration Items in a new or re-engineered CMDB.  Further, ITAM can usually provide enough budgetary cost savings to fund the CMDB efforts, which will return broader service delivery returns.”


This was a great overview of what ITAM.  He outlines the definitions and helped me to see that there are many areas that benefit, especially configuration management.  I found it fascinating that Gartner analysis estimates upwards of 30% of an organization’s software expenditures can be recovered by SAM implementation.  At my organization we have a very mature SAM process.  I can agree that we have gained buy-in from our savings to centralize all software purchases and have reduced our software budget tremendously.  Most of that reduction went back into new investments for modernization projects but it helped free the funds to make those investments happen. 


During this session, I was reassured that my plans to integrate ITAM and our CMDB will be very valuable.  I will be checking our ITAM Matrix: database integrity quotient, critical success factors, and KPI’s to see if there are other improvements we can make.  I can’t wait to dive deeper dive into this topic when I listen to Jeremy’s Service Bazaar session “ITAM/SAM/ISO 19770”.  

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33 Blog Challenge: Day 5 - Better Books, Better Breakfast, Better You! Angelica King / Kirk Wiesler

Posted By Tammy L. Whited, Friday, October 25, 2019

I didn’t know what to expect during this conversation on book reviews with Angela and Kirk, there were so many great lines of inspiration and many, many book options. 


It was a great reminder that my primary role as a leader is to inspire people to grow.  They talked about how you must make your own personal development a priority because it is good for culture, engagement, and inspiration… and I need to be an example so that people will become interested in their own development and bring others along with me.


Of course, I had that guilt when they asked “How many books have you read in the last year? “Umm…. Do novels count? “Yes”, as Angela stated “you can get nuggets of leadership, development, etc.” even from fiction books. 


If possible, take time to listen to this session because they talk about so many wonderful books, and hopefully it will give you some ideas on where you can start.  I think my next goal after this Blog Challenge is going to be “read one book every 30 days” for a year.  

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33 Day Blog challenge: Day 4 - Digital Transformation Part 2: Roadmapping to Achieve Success - Steven Horvath

Posted By Tammy L. Whited, Thursday, October 24, 2019

Roadmaps!!! Yes!!!


I love this topic of roadmaps, probably because I love planning and putting together the strategy.  This talk reinforces the need to have a vision, to know the business values, and to execute on the plan.  


Steve lays out a simple approach to putting together a roadmap:


- make sure there is a solid vision and balance it between people, process, and platform

- create the roadmap and strategy 

- align the organization

- and finally deliver.  


At my organization we are  currently working to create a roadmap that supports the future needs of our business. The business is willing to align with us because it need certain capabilities, and understanding when those capabilities will be available helps with their planning. If a business clearly understands the strategy and how it supports their business outcomes, they are more willing to partner with you. 


In my experience, when there is not a vision or roadmap of how IT will support a business, the organization leaders will always question your value and your ability to deliver on the outcomes. When the business is part of the process in prioritizing, providing resources, and helping to keep things on track, the outcomes will be delivered and achieved.  I really like the approach provided.  Remember as you are building your roadmap, you need to be realistic, credible, objective, and inclusive and you will have success!!!


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33 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3 – Digital Transformation Part 1: Understanding the Modern Landscape - Steven Horvath

Posted By Tammy L. Whited, Wednesday, October 23, 2019

People - Process - Platform


These must work together; we have to lead this way; we need to be empowering organization so that people can be effective at their job.  These statement from Steve Horvath’s presentation hit home. 


Utopia happens when you implement new or changed services and the business feels empowered and more effective at their job because of this change.  Then everyone is “Happy”, right? 


The challenges laid out in Steve’s talk— doing more with less, incorporating organization change, dealing with security concerns, competing with consumer services, being always connected, having lots of data to sort through— it’s overwhelming!  Steve laid out how Modernization, Transformation, leads to Innovation. He stressed as leaders  we need vision and alignment to set our organization up to succeed. What I have found (as Steve said, “Shift from legacy to visibility, invisibility to valuable”) is that you can strive towards this. It will never be perfect, but when you have the strategic partnership with the business that was gained through small successes over time, you are on your way to “Valuable”. 

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33 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2 – VerticalLessons with Manley Feinberg

Posted By Tammy L. Whited, Monday, October 21, 2019

Good morning! 


WOW! I am remembering so many great lessons, and the things Manley said that really hit home with me right off the bat. He said, “You need to #1 show up, and #2 step up.”  I feel like if I just do this one thing, the rest will follow…


I loved how Manley felt like he was “coming home” in speaking with attendees at FUSION19. I have to say, that is how I feel when I attend conferences by my peers for my peers— like FUSION19— because I can relate to the topics and be refreshed with new ideas. 


As I was listening to the recordings, I remember how fearful I felt when I stepped up on the stage to kick off the General Session.  More than anything, I wanted you to experience something amazing. And the pressure of this desire weighed me down. I realized that I am NOT a professional public speaker, but I do my best.  Nevertheless, my opening remarks were not as I imagined. The words didn’t just flow. I forgot what I was saying, and I had to refer to my notes more than I wanted.


Later in the day, a wonderful person, came up to me and told me how my introduction made her feel welcome, at home, and energized.  My first reaction was to be embarrassed remembering the mistakes I made.  But the warmness and effort she made to reach out to me personally helped me stopped thinking about what went wrong and just feel good about complement. What she said and how she said it didn’t just make my day, 

it changed my perspective for the rest of the conference. I realized what I thought everyone saw was not what they saw.  This was exactly inline with what Manley talked about when he said people don’t remember your flaws, they remember the content and feeling.  He also had a few other gems…


“Sometimes you have to ignore a few, to win the hearts of many.”  


“Can’t please every person.”  


“You never know who you will inspire” 


I really need to remember these words every day!


Manley Feinberg’s keynote address made me realize that I am “on the summit” at the moment— having just completed this symposium with an awesome committee, board, speakers, vendors and most importantly of all you who attended and supported the event.  FUSION19 was definitely a climb over the last few months.  We had to become laser focused on how to provide the best experience and value to the attendees in the hope that people would want to join us this experience with us.  We took a moment to celebrate our achievement at our board meeting following FUSION19. And now we are looking over the horizon at everything and trying to identify what our next summit will be and who will join us…


Remember to Belay and Make a meaningful and intentional connection.


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FUSION Blog - "33 Day challenge - Day 1"

Posted By Tammy L. Whited, Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Updated: Monday, October 21, 2019

I was singing in the shower this morning, and I couldn't get it out of my head-- I want to keep the energy from the conference going. You know when that happens to you, it would be great if it was extremely clear what the next steps are???


The ride to work brought lots of great memories of last week, meeting new friends and colleagues. Enjoying the sites of New Orleans and especially the food!!! (I think I gained a few pounds, but it was worth it!) 


Then, like a light bulb turning on and remembering that Manley challenged all of us to pick one of the VerticleLessons. I picked "Declare your current climb", so I thought why not start a Blog, a 33 day Blog where each day I write my thoughts about each session. Today, I will tell you about doing it, tomorrow I will start. There were 30 sessions and 2 keynotes.  I am not naturally a writer, so bear with me on this journey to the next summit. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. it will take me at least 33...


Why don't you blog here too and share your journey too and we can reach the Summit together!!!

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