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Awards and Recognition
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The objective of the itSMF USA Awards & Recognition Program is to shine the spotlight – literally and figuratively – on the best of the best in the ITSM industry and in the service of the membership of the itSMF USA. In doing so we seek to achieve a fully engaged and contributing membership through recognition, rewards, encouragement and reinforcement of the standards, mission, goals, values and principles of the itSMF USA.

The program is administered by a volunteer committee adhering to the stated criteria with the highest level of objectivity and rigor.




2017 itSMF USA Awards

The annual itSMF USA awards – announced at FUSION 17 – are not just about recognizing and celebrating the achievements of groups, companies, and individuals. They’re an entry point into the knowledge and experience of those who have already succeeded.  The awards are also a great advertisement for IT Service Management (ITSM) and its applicability to organizations of all shapes and sizes.


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The 2017 Awards Program includes the following awards:


Service Management In Action

This award recognizes companies who have demonstrated excellence in implementing or improving Service Management practices, leveraging relevant industry best practice frameworks, to achieve desired business outcomes.  


Contributor of the Year

This award recognizes an individual member for their excellence in Service Management and overall participation in the Service Management industry and itSMF USA


Community Excellence Awards

These awards recognize the contributions from local and virtual itSMF Communities.  These groups have provided outstanding contributions in support of the mission and goals of itSMF USA. There are three awards in this category.

       High Performance Community of the Year

Awarded to an established Community that has shown excellence in the delivery of relevant learning, growth and networking for Service Management professionals during the preceding 12 months. 

       Upstart Community of the Year

Awarded to a new Community that has shown tangible provision of relevant learning, growth and networking for Service Management professionals.

       Sustained Performance Community of the Year

Awarded to a community that has shown consistent commitment and success in creating relevant content, networking and learning opportunities for Service Management professionals over the past 5 years or longer.


Submission Criteria

Refer to the following documents for more information about the criteria for submitting award nominations.

Service Management in Action Award

Contributor of the Year Award

Community Excellence Awards


Award Submission Forms

Click the link below to submit your award nomination.

Service Management in Action Nomination Form

Contributor of the Year Award Nomination Form

Community Excellence Awards Nomination Form



Following is the timeline for the 2017 Awards Program.

April 1, 2017 - Awards Program Submissions are Open

August 18, 2017 - Last day to submit Awards Nomination Forms

September 15, 2017 - Awards Finalists Announced

November 1-3, 2017 - Awards Winners Announced at Fusion 17




itSMF USA Project of the Year Award / Service Management in Action (2016)

2016 - Johnson Controls

2015 - The Coca-Cola Company 

2014 - The County of Los Angeles ISD

2013 - Assurant, Inc. 

2012 - The Walt Disney World Resort
2011 – By business sector:

  •  Public Sector and Higher Education – Emory University
  • Small and Medium Size Business – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)
  • Large Business – Charter Communications

2010 – By business sector:

  • Public Sector and Higher Education – Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Information Technology Division
  • Small and Medium Size Business – Maritz
  • Large Business – Oracle Global IT

2009 – Thomson Reuters Roger Bennett & Global Process Team
2008 – Procter & Gamble Product Lifecycle Management Operations Management Team
2007 – State of North Carolina Service Excellence Program


itSMF USA Lifetime Achievement Award

2013 - Dr. Suzanne Van Hove
2010 – David Cannon
2007 – Ken Wendle
2008 – Leah Palmer
2006 – Butch Sheets
2004 – Ken Hamilton


itSMF USA Contributor of the Year

2016 - Karl Bietsch


itSMF USA Member of the Year Award

2015 - Joan Coolidge 

2014 - Lisa Kass

2013 - Jeanette McGillicuddy
2012 - John Kleist
2011 - Michael Caruso
2010 – Michele Bonner
2009 – Dhiraj Gupta
2008 – Teresa Mount
2007 – Kirk Holmes
2006 – Maria Metcalf
2005 – Denis Esslinger


itSMF USA Community Excellence Awards

2016 - Ohio Valley - Upstart of the Year Award

2016 - Heartland - Sustained Performance Award


itSMF USA Interest Group Excellence Award

2015 - Atlanta 

2014 - Los Angeles LIG and Higher Education SIG

2013 - Dallas / Fort Worth
2012 - Minnesota
2011 - Ohio Valley
2010 - Austin
2009 – Ohio Valley
2008 – National Capitol
2007 – Lehigh-Delaware Valley
2006 – Ohio Valley
2005 – South Florida
2004 – Minnesota


itSMF USA President’s Award

2016 - Jill Zimmerman

2015 - Jay Stuart 

2014 - Eddie Vidal

2013 - Cathy Kirch
2012 - Deb Ingram
2011 - Julie Montgomery
2010 – Chris Dancy
2009 – Brent Knipfer
2008 – Cassius Downs
2007 – Sallie Kennedy
2006 – Dennis Ravenelle
2005 – Leah Palmer
2004 – Jean Ritala


itSMF USA Industry Knowledge Contribution Award

2011 - Dr. Suzanne Van Hove
2010 – Jack Probst
2009 – Alex Hernandez
2007 – itSMF Certified Partner Network Academia


itSMF USA Rookie Interest Group Award

2010 – San Diego
2008 – Mid-America
2007 – Tallahassee
2006 – Central North Carolina


itSMF USA Platinum Sponsor Award

2004 - Ron Nelson


itSMF USA Service Management Excellence Award

2001 – Brett Ostlund