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Board of Directors Candidates
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We are pleased to announce our 2018 itSMF USA 

Candidates for Board of Directors

(listed in alpha order)


Elections will be open October 13th - Nov. 15th


To cast your vote use the account login information that was emailed to you from Votenet or contact for assistance.


 Candidates Why I want to be a board member...



Edward Gray



I am seeking to continue working with the Board to help drive improvement in the Chapter.  I would like to continue in my current role as Director of Content.  I hope to improve the quantity, quality, visibility and findability of our content.  I want to make it easy for our members to find and use content. I also want to make it easy for our members to contribute and review content.  These steps would improve value of membership and marketability of becoming a member. 


Scott Jaeger


I have been a member of this community for a long time and would like to participate at a larger role and give back to the community my sharing ideas, concepts, and adding value based on experience and knowledge I have within this industry.  I feel that my background and will provide additional views that could help make improvements and adjust to our changing times. 

Vikas Kumar


In addition to over 15 years of experience of IT Service Management, I have an MBA from George Washington University.  I am passionate aboout learning and sharing knowledge.  I am also on the Board of Directors for Adventure in Science, a 4-H program for younger kids. As a Leader for the itSMF DC Chapter, I have organized and participate in several events from 2008-2015. I am very interested in joining the national board in order to get the next generation of workforce involved, increase interaction with other frameworks groups, itSMF LIGs and help ITSM practitioners further develop their skills. 


George Nawara

 I would like to help the itSMF grow with both my knowledge of IT Service Management and by growing the membership. 

 Kevin Ritter

I have been an ITSM practitioner for over 18 years and involved as an itSMF USA member since 2004. I have been a LIG president several years and most recently on the Board of Directors.  We are seeing a transformation in the ITSM industry, with a lot of focus on DevOps and streamlining processes. While some have started to question the need for Service Management, I see this an opportunity for our organization to lead the way by embracing these changes and helping others see the the core ITSM principles and practices still play a valuable key role in IT organizations., as well as the business.


There is a significant body of knowledge across our membership-- people who have firsthand practical experience enabling improvements and transformation in their organizations which would be of value to other members just starting or in the middle of similar challenges. We can all be better by working together, sharing with each other our experiences, with a sense of community.  I believe we can refocus our efforts and provide increased vale to our members, especially in this changing landscape.  I also believe that with having several open seats to fill this year, serving another term on the board will help lend some continuity and stability to the board.

Scott Rose

My passion for service management coupled with my 25 years supporting ITSM has resulted in an increased desire to give back to the community.  I have been involved with various ITSM and Technology organizations over the years, including the North Carolina Technology Association, itSMF and HDI servince in many leadership positions.  


For HDI, I served as a local NC Secretary and Eastern Region Director of Sponsorships, and for itSMF, continued membership, local interest group VP, Secretary, board interest group (BIG) supporting various committees and appointed to the itSMF Board of Directors July 2017 to fill a vacant seat with responsibility for business alliances. The current board leadership has a single, strategic member focused vision and is a ray of sunlight that needs to be communicated and executed against. 


I would be honored to be able to continue to serve the itSMF membership and this slate of board directors in their focused execution with increased member input and involvement. 


 Dale Shafer


I am very interested in aligning IT to the business (which is one of the reasons I got my MBA on top of an IT degree).  I also specialize in SIAM which as our industry evolves will be more in demand and I would to ensure the proper groundwork is in place to make that happen smoothly. 

 Feel free to contact each of them directly to get to know your candidates!



 If you have any questions about the process or the election system, please send an email to