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Awards and Recognition
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2014 Regional Awards Nominations!

It's that time of year again and a free pass to Fusion 2014 in Washington, DC could be yours!

We want to celebrate your success – regionally and Chapter-wide. Join in the fun and in the recognition.

Mark your calendars! June 16th is the award nomination deadline.

  • Project of the Year nomination forms can be found here.
  • Member of the Year nomination forms can be found here.

You could be awarded itSMF USA's Project of the Year or Member of the Year award. All you need to do is enter. Your entry could be selected as a regional winner entitling you to a free pass to Fusion 2014 and a chance to win Project of the Year or Member of the Year.

Showcase your success….

  • Don't be shy about your accomplishments.
  • Don't wait for someone to notice – you know if your projects have brought value, innovation, success to your clients, business, or the service management community.
  • You also know how much you have contributed to itSMF USA to qualify for Member of the Year.

It is hard, sometimes, to pat ourselves on the back and self-nominate. This is your opportunity to humbly share your success.

Nominations will only take a few minutes of your time. If you happen to run into a snag or have questions for us, just click here to contact us.

Winners to be selected…

For the second year we are selecting one finalist from each of our four regions for each award, Project of the Year and Member of the Year. More information regarding your region can be found here.

From these finalists, one winner will be selected for Project of the Year and one for Member of the Year. All finalists will be asked to join us at FUSION 2014 in Washington, DC, and all will be introduced as the regional award winners. From the regional finalists, we will select:

Chapter winners to be selected:

  • 1 Project of the Year
  • 1 Member of the Year

A FUSION 14 pass and travel stipend of $1,000 are presented to each Member of the Year finalist and a representative from the Project of the Year.

Are you in an area with no formal LIG? You can still submit nominations. Your submission will be associated with the region in which you live.

2014 Regional Awards Schedule

If you are interested in participating on the Awards Selection Committee, please contact

Not a member? This is a great time to for you to join us. Join today and submit your project.

Your 2013 itSMF USA award winners are:


Dr. Suzanne Van Hove - itSMF USA Lifetime Achievement Award

Cathy Kirch - itSMF USA President Award

Jeanette McGillicuddy - itSMF USA Member of the Year Award

Dallas/Fort Worth Local Interest Group - itSMF USA Interest Group Excellent Award

Assurant, Inc. - itSMF USA Project of the Year Award


This year's awards presentations are all available via the FUSION 13 YouTube channel


itSMF USA Project of the Year Award

2013 - Assurant, Inc. 
2012 - The Walt Disney World Resort
2011 – By business sector:

  • Public Sector and Higher Education – Emory University
  • Small and Medium Size Business – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)
  • Large Business – Charter Communications

2010 – By business sector:

  • Public Sector and Higher Education – Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Information Technology Division
  • Small and Medium Size Business – Maritz
  • Large Business – Oracle Global IT

2009 – Thomson Reuters Roger Bennett & Global Process Team
2008 – Procter & Gamble Product Lifecycle Management Operations Management Team
2007 – State of North Carolina Service Excellence Program

itSMF USA Lifetime Achievement Award

2013 - Dr. Suzanne Van Hove
2010 – David Cannon

2007 – Ken Wendle

2008 – Leah Palmer
2006 – Butch Sheets
2004 – Ken Hamilton

itSMF USA Member of the Year Award

2013 - Jeanette McGillicuddy
2012 - John Kleist
2011 - Michael Caruso
2010 – Michele Bonner
2009 – Dhiraj Gupta
2008 – Teresa Mount
2007 – Kirk Holmes
2006 – Maria Metcalf
2005 – Denis Esslinger

itSMF USA Interest Group Excellence Award

2013 - Dallas / Fort Worth
2012 - Minnesota
2011 - Ohio Valley
2010 - Austin
2009 – Ohio Valley
2008 – National Capitol
2007 – Lehigh-Delaware Valley
2006 – Ohio Valley
2005 – South Florida
2004 – Minnesota

itSMF USA President’s Award

2013 - Cathy Kirch
2012 - Deb Ingram
2011 - Julie Montgomery
2010 – Chris Dancy
2009 – Brent Knipfer
2008 – Cassius Downs
2007 – Sallie Kennedy
2006 – Dennis Ravenelle
2005 – Leah Palmer
2004 – Jean Ritala

itSMF USA Industry Knowledge Contribution Award

2011 - Dr. Suzanne Van Hove
2010 – Jack Probst
2009 – Alex Hernandez
2007 – itSMF Certified Partner Network Academia

itSMF USA Rookie Interest Group Award

2010 – San Diego
2008 – Mid-America
2007 – Tallahassee
2006 – Central North Carolina

itSMF USA Platinum Sponsor Award

2004 - Ron Nelson

itSMF USA Service Management Excellence Award

2001 – Brett Ostlund
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